Products / Feed Additives

Products / Feed Additives

  • Feed additives SuTi

    Feed additives SuTi

    Brief Introdction SuTi SuTi is can protect the liver and kidney, clear away heat and promote gallbladder, reduce inflammation and promote dampness, detoxification . Improve immunity, less disease, remo

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  • Feed additives QiXieKang

    Feed additives QiXieKang

    Brief Introdction QiXieKang QiXieKang can improves the immunity of sows and enhances the reproductive ability of sows. Invigorating Qi and Nourishing Blood , increase the litter size of the sow and inc

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  • Feed additives WeiChangShu

    Feed additives WeiChangShu

    Brief Introdction WeiChangShu WeiChangShu has many functions such as antibacterial, anti-stress, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, promoting growth and improving meat quality. Product Features:

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  • Feed additives LanJing

    Feed additives LanJing

    Brief Introdction LanJing 1.Adjust blue ear disease 2.Improve immunity 3.Prevent disease 4.Bactericidal and anti-virus LanJing is a kind of feed additive made by fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine

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  • Feed additives ZhuErJian

    Feed additives ZhuErJian

    Brief Introdction ZhuErJian ZhuErJian can promote digestion and absorption and improve feed conversion rate, provide a good digestion and absorption basis for the later fattening of pigs. Improve the i

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  • Feed additives ZhuErZhuang

    Feed additives ZhuErZhuang

    Brief Introdction ZhuErZhuang ZhuErZhuang can enhance immunity and improve disease resistance, enhance gastrointestinal motility and increase effective feed intake, increase the intestinal area, improv

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  • Compound Vitamin Premix

    Compound Vitamin Premix

    Brief Introdction Compound Vitamin Premix Compound Vitamin Premix can maintain the acid-base balance of livestock and poultry fluids, and can quickly replenish various ions, vitamins and amino acids re

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  • Feed additives FeiZhu Powder

    Feed additives FeiZhu Powder

    Brief Introdction FeiZhu Powder FeiZhu Powder can promoting growth and gaining weight quickly, improve carcass rate and lean meat rate and Increase the content of myoglobin and improve the quality of p

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  • Feed additives Likang Four Piece Suit

    Feed additives Likang Four Piece Suit

    Brief Introdction Likang Four-Piece Suit Likang four-piece suit can improve intestinal problems in pigs. Specially treat piglet diarrhea and improve immunity, promote growth and Inhibit bacteria. Antib

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  • Feed additives Kekang Four Piece Suit

    Feed additives Kekang Four Piece Suit

    Brief Introdction Kekang Four-Piece Suit 1.Anti-cough and antibacterial 2.Treatment of pleurisy 3.Treat pneumonia 4.Stop coughing Kekang four-piece suit can improve respiratory problems in pigs, specia

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  • Feed additives HongTao A

    Feed additives HongTao A

    Brief Introdction HongTao A 1.Invigorate qi and produce blood, strengthen physical fitness, shorten the birth process, prevent anemia in piglets, promote lactation and increase weaning weight. 2.Enhanc

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  • Feed additives YingYangWeiShi

    Feed additives YingYangWeiShi

    Brief Introdction YingYangWeiShi YingYangWeiShi can used to prevent and treat polyneuritis, digestive disorders, epidermal diseases, stomatitis caused by the deficiency of B vitamins. Product Features:

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  • Feed additives QiangXiaoTuoMeiSu

    Feed additives QiangXiaoTuoMeiSu

    Brief Introdction QiangXiaoTuoMeiSu QiangXiaoTuoMeiSu can protect the liver function, improve the bodys immune performance, it can automatically combine with aflatoxins and other mycotoxins in livestoc

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  • Feed additives KeChuanLing

    Feed additives KeChuanLing

    Brief Introdction KeChuanLing KeChuanLing is can treatment of chronic overworked cough, yin deficiency cough. This product can treat domestic animal asthma, infectious pleuropneumonia, pneumonia, atrop

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  • Feed additives HaoDanDuo

    Feed additives HaoDanDuo

    Brief Introdction HaoDanDuo HaoDanDuo is can promote the development of follicles, produce more eggs, good egg products, and reduce salpingitis, reduce the rate of broken eggs; improve egg quality, imp

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  • Feed additives JinDanWeiJia

    Feed additives JinDanWeiJia

    Brief Introdction JinDanWeiJia JinDanWeiJia is used for laying hens nourishes blood and lowers lipids and increase egg production, maintain high and stable production. Changing the egg color and increa

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  • Feed additives JiangZhiZengDan Powder

    Feed additives JiangZhiZengDan Powder

    Brief Introdction JiangZhiZengDan Powder JiangZhiZengDan Powder are to invigorate the kidney and body, nourish the liver and promote blood, warm the palace and promote blood circulation, lighten the bo

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  • Feed additives ChangKangJian

    Feed additives ChangKangJian

    Brief Introdction ChangKangJian ChangKangJian is can promote digestion and absorption, feed conversion and reduce the feed ratio,antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, inhibit harmful intestinal pathogen

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  • Feed additives ZhangWuYou

    Feed additives ZhangWuYou

    Brief Introdction ZhangWuYou 1.Extend the skeleton, Loose skin 2.Developmental viscera, Improve immunity 3.Prevent rumen bloating, improve rumen environment and increase nutrient absorption rate 4.Nutr

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  • Feed additives FeiAn

    Feed additives FeiAn

    Brief Introdction FeiAn 1.Improve the bodys immunity 2.improve the quality of pork 3.Strong antibacterial ability FeiAns natural oregano essential oil is rich in polyphenols, which can effectively stim

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