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Products / Feed Additives

  • Feed additives Immunity+

    Feed additives Immunity+

    Brief Introdction Immunity+ 1.Easily deal with a variety of bacteria. 2.Improving immunity, protecting liver and organs. 3.protect stem cells, prevent liver cell necrosis, improve liver circulation. 4.

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  • Feed additives BingXinShuang

    Feed additives BingXinShuang

    Brief Introdction BingXinShuang 1.Supplement vitamins, relieve vitamin deficiency, and promote the absorption of mineral elements 2.Relieving heat and stress, effectively alleviating the stress respons

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  • Feed additives SuFei

    Feed additives SuFei

    Brief Introdction SuFei SuFei is can promote digestion and absorption and improve feed conversion rate, improve body enzyme activity, reduce weaning diarrhea, loose stools, and regulate the intestinal

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  • Feed additives YanDi

    Feed additives YanDi

    Brief Introdction YanDi YanDi is a mixed feed additive, betaine hydrochloride (type I), it is mainly used for the treatment of infectious serositis, splenic necrosis and colibacillosis in ducks and gee

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  • Feed additives NiuYangGuJiTai

    Feed additives NiuYangGuJiTai

    Brief Introdction NiuYangGuJiTai 1.NiuYangGuJiTai is rich in a variety of nutrients, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of indigestion, Anorexia and other problems. 2. It can promote bone deve

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  • Feed additives NiuYangSuFeiTai

    Feed additives NiuYangSuFeiTai

    Brief Introdction NiuYangSuFeiTai 1. Improve feed conversion rate and increase lean meat rate. 2.Choose a variety of high-quality fungi to better control the balance of rumen flora and promote food dig

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  • Feed additives NiuYangYingJiBao

    Feed additives NiuYangYingJiBao

    Brief Introdction NiuYangYingJiBao 1. Supplement vitamins, relieve vitamin deficiency, and promote the absorption of mineral elements. 2. Relieving heat and stress, effectively alleviating the stress r

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  • Feed additives FeiLiMei

    Feed additives FeiLiMei

    Brief Introdction FeiLiMei FeiLiMei can strengthen vitamins,the fattening effect is more significant, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of stones,Maintain the balance of rumen flora. Product Fe

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  • Feed additives VC QingLiangBao

    Feed additives VC QingLiangBao

    Brief Introdction VC QingLiangBao VC QingLiangBao is can supplement vitamins to relieve vitamin deficiency and promote the absorption of mineral elements, detoxification and improve the bodys immunity,

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  • Feed additives MeiLiJie

    Feed additives MeiLiJie

    Brief Introdction MeiLiJie MeiLiJie is can protect the liver, adsorbing mold, preserve nutrition, detoxification. It is can improve liver circulation, inhibit glucuronidase activity, enhance liver deto

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  • Feed additives HuaJiaoMuBao For Pigs

    Feed additives HuaJiaoMuBao For Pigs

    Brief Introdction HuaJiaoMuBao- For Pigs 1.Enhance gastrointestinal motility and increase effective feed intake. 2.Increase the intestinal area, hitting high digestion utilization rate. 3.Increase the

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  • HuaJiaoMuBao For Laying Hens

    HuaJiaoMuBao For Laying Hens

    Brief Introdction Feed additives HuaJiaoMuBao- For Laying Hens HuaJiaoMuBao For laying hens can significantly increase egg production rate, enhances the smoothness and luster of the eggshell, and impro

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  • Feed additives WenYiJian

    Feed additives WenYiJian

    Brief Introdction WenYiJian WenYiJian can improve immunity,Prevent blue ears,prevent disease and no resistance,antibacterial sterilization. WenYiJian is a Chinese herbal feed material crushed by natura

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  • Feed additives CuiNaiLing

    Feed additives CuiNaiLing

    Brief Introdction CuiNaiLing CuiNaiLing is can improve postpartum lactation of sows, improve constipation, and increase milk production. improve the health of sows, reduce stillbirths, and extend the l

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  • Feed additives ZhiZiKang

    Feed additives ZhiZiKang

    Brief Introdction ZhiZiKang 1.inhibiting bacteria and anti-virus. 2.It has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and is not easy to produce Resistance ZhiZiKang can treatment of refractory diarrhea in u

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  • Feed additives TianKangSu

    Feed additives TianKangSu

    Brief Introdction: TianKangSu Special For Large Pig Farm TianKangSu can change the permeability of the cell membrane of pathogenic bacteria and inhibit the bacteria, improve the disease resistance of p

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