Products / Chinese Patent Medicine Powder

Products / Chinese Patent Medicine Powder

  • JingFangBaiDu Powder

    JingFangBaiDu Powder

    Brief Introdction JingFangBaiDu Powder 1.Improve mental fatigue 2.Soothing wind and dampness 3.The cold is over, no runny nose 4.Vigorous 5.Healthy mouth and tongue JingFangBaiDu Powder is a kind of fe

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  • QingFeiZhiKe Powder

    QingFeiZhiKe Powder

    Brief Introdction QingFeiZhiKe Powder QingFeiZhiKe Powder can clear away lung heat, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough. Treatment of respiratory tract cough and a

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  • QingWenBaiDu Powder

    QingWenBaiDu Powder

    Brief Introdction QingWenBaiDu Powder 1..Clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and purging fire. 2.Detoxification and liver protection 3.Decrease platelet viscosity 4.Anti-inflammatory,

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  • Small Bupleurum Powder

    Small Bupleurum Powder

    Brief Introdction Small Bupleurum Powder 1.Relieve appearance and dispel cold. 2.sooth liver and stomach, gastrointestinal absorption 3.reconcile Shaoyang, appetite increased 4.Clear heat and detoxify,

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  • Pulsatilla Powder

    Pulsatilla Powder

    Brief Introdction Pulsatilla Powder BaiTouWengSan-Pulsatilla Powder can clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood to stop diarrhea. dispel toxin and stop dysentery, relieve abdominal pain. T

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  • Feed additives ZhuYun Powder

    Feed additives ZhuYun Powder

    Brief Introdction ZhuYun Powder ZhuYun Powder is can warming kidney yang, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Indications of ovarian dysfunction infertility. Product Features: Main ingredi

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  • HuangLianJieDu Powder

    HuangLianJieDu Powder

    Brief Introdction HuangLianJieDu Powder 1.Treatment of blue-ear disease, triple-burner fever, sore swelling and toxin. 2.Purging fire and detoxification 3.triple-burner real heat, sore yellow and swell

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  • BaoTaiWuYouSan Medicine Powder

    BaoTaiWuYouSan Medicine Powder

    Brief Introdction BaoTaiWuYouSan 1.nourish blood and promote blood circulation 2. regulate menstruation and remove blood stasis 3. clear away heat and dry fire、reduce fire and detoxification. 4. reli

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  • Feed additives CuiQing Powder

    Feed additives CuiQing Powder

    Brief Introdction CuiQing Powder 1.Tonifying the kidney and yang 2.Regulating menstruation and aphrodisiac 3.Chinese medicine conditioning 4.Eliminate inflammation 5.Activating blood to remove blood st

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  • GuiQiRuKang Powder

    GuiQiRuKang Powder

    Brief Introdction GuiQiRuKang Powder 1.Ruyanping adopts pure Chinese medicine ingredients to have obvious effect, green and no medicine residue 2.Treat mastitis 3.Increase milk production 4.Decrease so

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  • Feed additives TongRu Powder

    Feed additives TongRu Powder

    Brief Introdction TongRu Powder TongRu Powder is can increase lactation, pass through the menstrual flow, improve immunity. Product Features: Main ingredients: Angelica, Wangbuliuxing, Astragalus, Pass

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  • Feed additives ErZi Powder

    Feed additives ErZi Powder

    Brief Introdction ErZi Powder 1.To clear away heat and toxins 2.relieve lungs and relieve asthma. 3.relieve cough and resolve phlegm ErZi Powder can cure nasal congestion, runny nose and dyspnea caused

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  • LongDanXieGan Powder

    LongDanXieGan Powder

    Brief Introdction LongDanXieGan Powder LongDanXieGan Powder can reduce liver and gallbladder fire, clear Sanjiao damp heat. Eat more and have a good appetite, full of energy, anti-inflammatory. Product

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  • Feed additives PingWei Powder

    Feed additives PingWei Powder

    Brief Introdction PingWei Powder PingWei Powder can dry dampness, invigorate the spleen, regulate qi and appetite, eat more to regulate qi and appetite, regulate gastrointestinal digestion, treat vomit

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  • ChuanMeiSanHuang Powder

    ChuanMeiSanHuang Powder

    Brief Introdction ChuanMeiSanHuang Powder ChuanMeiSanHuang Powder is can clear away heat and detoxify. Indications of bacterial sepsis, enteritis, gill rotten and red skin disease. Product Features: Ma

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  • Feed additives MuZiAn Powder

    Feed additives MuZiAn Powder

    Brief Introdction MuZiAn Powder 1. Specializing in the treatment of piglet yellow and white scour and other diseases. 2. Invigorate the spleen and qi 3. Dry dampness and stop dysentery 4. Improve immun

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  • BuYiQingGong Powder

    BuYiQingGong Powder

    Brief Introdction BuYiQingGong Powder 1.Nourishing Qi and Nourishing Blood 2.Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis 3.Increase lactation 4.invigorate qi and solidify the surface, relieve

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  • FuShuiGanShenKang Feed additives Powder

    FuShuiGanShenKang Feed additives Powder

    Brief Introdction FuShuiGanShenKang 1.Warming Yang and Invigorating Spleen 2.Wetting and diuresis 3.Liver protection,improve feed utilization. 4.Replenishing blood and reducing swelling. FuShuiGanShenK

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  • Feed additives XieLiAn Medicine Powder

    Feed additives XieLiAn Medicine Powder

    Brief Introdction XieLiAn 1. Clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification. 2. invigorate the spleen and promote digestion 3. To dry dampness and invigorate the spleen, expel wind an

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  • Feed additives WeiDongLi Powder

    Feed additives WeiDongLi Powder

    Brief Introdction WeiDongLi 1. Appetizing wide intestine 2. Adjust the balance of intestinal flora, promote absorption, 3. increase the conversion rate of feed, and achieve faster growth. 4.Appetizer t

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